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Certificates can be obtained in the areas of Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Marketing to enhance skills in key areas. The certificates are ideal to enhance current skills or add proficiency in a new field.

Steps to get started:

  1. Call the Admissions Department at 267-341-5030 for more information about credit or noncredit certificates, or to receive an Application.
  2. Complete and submit the Application. Certificate students only need to complete the two information pages.  Certificate students do not need to pay an application fee, write the essay, or submit transcripts.
  3. Accepted students will be contacted by the Admissions Department with directions on registering for the first course.

Most accelerated courses are completed within five-week modules, meeting one evening a week or on weekends, for four hours per class. Ten consecutive sessions are offered each year. Classes are held at Holy Family University-Woodhaven. The courses necessary to complete the certificate are listed below and students take 6-8 classes, depending on the area of study.

Certificate in Accounting

Certificate in Human Resources

Certificate in Marketing

Graduate Certificates

Course Listings for Certificate Areas:

  • Designed to provide an understanding of accounting information systems and financial reporting (Prereq ACC 205, ACC 206)Students must complete all of the following courses:ACC 310 Cost Accounting (Prereq ACC 206)

    ACC 307 Financial Reporting & Analysis I (Prereq ACC 206)

    ACC 308 Financial Reporting & Analysis II (Prereq ACC 307)

    ACC 311 Financial Reporting & Analysis III (Prereq ACC 308)

    ACC 404 Auditing* (Prereq ACC 311)

    ACC 410 Advanced Accounting* (Prereq ACC 311)

    ACC 413 Individual Taxes (Prereq ACC 206)

    ACC 414 Corporate Taxation* (Prereq ACC 413)

    *These courses meet twice a week for three hours each.

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  • Designed to prepare entry-level HR practitionersStudents must complete 6 of the following courses: MGT 300 Behavioral Theory of Organizations

    MGT 304 Issues in Human Resources

    HRA 323 Employment Law and Compensation

    MGT 305 Management Information Systems

    HRA 322 Negotiation and Collective Bargaining

    HRA 321 Managing and Resolving Conflict

    HRA 320 Elements of Supervision

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  • Designed to provide comprehensive understanding of theory and practices of marketing administrationStudents must complete 6 of the following courses:ADM 322 International Management

    MGT 306 Research Principles and Marketing Methods

    MKT 322 Principles and Techniques of Advertising

    MKT 323 Public Relations

    MKT 302 Consumer Behavior

    MKT 320 Managing Sales

    MGT 305 Management Information Systems

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